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NuNerve Pty Ltd is working with scientists from the University of Queensland's Queensland Brain Institute, who have developed a drug candidate to treat motor neurone disease (MND). Research has shown that EphA4 is the key molecule involved in the guidance of motor neurons from the brain to targets in the spinal cord and is also responsible for impeding the recovery of motor neurons following injury. The drug candidate blocks the EphA4 protein. This discovery has been the subject of more than two decades of research by QBI's Professor Perry Bartlett with Emeritus Professor Andrew Boyd from UQ and QIMR Berghofer.
The finding has had important implications for MND, spinal cord injury, as well as other neurological diseases, and can be translated into a potential treatment for patients with MND.
NuNerve is working to develop and manufacture the drug for use in clinical trials in 2019.
We are actively working towards undertaking clinical trials. At this stage we are not maintaining a contact list ahead of future trials; as no date for clinical trials has been determined as yet.
We encourage patients and their families to maintain contact with their general practitioner / treating specialist who will be first to be informed of clinical trials when they become available.
Information on MND research and updates on the trial will be available from the QBI website and by subscribing to the newsletter via this link.
We realise that time is pressing and it is urgent to find a cure or at least a disease-modifying strategy. We are working hard towards achieving this goal.
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